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Letters written by aging Marine veterans to researcher Rachel Jenzen in the 1990s demonstrate the enduring role that memories of wartime experiences played in their civilian lives. Motivated by nostalgia, curiousity, gratitude and in some cases, regret, these men welcomed the chance to remember their soldiering past. Their correspondence provides fascinating insights why Melbourne is memorable for them.

Click on the links below to read correspondence from U.S. Marine veterans.

| Chuck (pdf, 774kb)

| John (pdf, 763kb)

| Herb (pdf, 292kb)

| Irving (pdf, 745kb)

| Jesse (pdf, 505kb)

| Joe (pdf, 600kb)

| Leonard (pdf, 816kb)

| Louis (pdf, 588kb)

| Luther (pdf, 1.02mb)

| Mike (pdf, 799kb)

| Ray (pdf, 588kb)

| Gerald (pdf, 1.08mb)

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